Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More Retaining Wall

Once again I have had trouble finding time to blog, but we have had a lot of projects going on over the past few weeks.  We have completed building the retaining wall for our swingset, ripped out all of the existing landscaping in the front, and we are currently getting a new roof compliments of a big hailstorm last year.  The finished product from the retaining wall turned out great, but I have been waiting on getting a load of fill dirt till after the roof was installed.
Finished wall with some fill dirt we had on hand. 

Another view.

And another view.
Hopefully we can get some fill next week and have a swingset soon (my son keeps asking about it so we have to deliver before he goes crazy).  The other project going on is our landscaping in the front of the house.  This is something we have wanted to do since we moved in, but with so much focus on the inside of our house we have put little effort into fixing up the outside.  The previous owners were an older couple who let things get a little out of control, we had over grown shrubs that I had trimmed back but it still looked like a bit of a mess.  I'm still new to this blogging thing and have issues with forgetting to take pictures so I really don't have a great picture of what the front of the house used to look like, but I do have pictures of during and after tilling up the old flower beds.

The finished product, after tilling and leveling. 

The plan was to get all the landscaping finished and paint the front siding of the house this past weekend, but we ended up making an impromptu trip back home to our old house (which we are selling) to fix a few things that came up during the inspection.  This weekend will hopefully see us finally finishing the landscaping and paint.  


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