Monday, June 3, 2013

New Roof!!!

Last Fourth of July our neighborhood was hit pretty hard by a hailstorm, it didn't take long after for signs to start popping and contractors roaming the neighborhood offering free damage inspections.  Our roof was one of the biggest concerns when we bought the house, it wasn't in horrible shape but probably needed replaced in next 5 to 10 years so we figured why not let someone take a look at it.  The contractor determined there was definitely enough damage for the insurer to total the roof so we filed the claim with insurance.  I also checked with my agent as I wasn't sure what a claim of this size would do to our rates, and learned that they would be going up whether we filed a claim or not as nearly everyone in the area had some damage.

Once the weather broke this spring we finally got the call that the adjuster was coming out to inspect the roof.  That evening we learned that he had indeed totaled the roof and we were already looking over color samples.  It turned out to be an easy choice as we both pointed to the same color as our first instinct so it was a compromise free decision of "Aged Redwood" as our new roof color.  A few weeks later a dumpster and three pallets of roofing supplies were dropped off in the front yard and here are the results.
Before (Note the Open Valleys and "Turtle" Vents)

Materials and Dumpster

More of the same 
Finished product with closed valleys and ridge vents
All in all we are pretty happy with the way things worked out.  We had a leak in one of the valleys that is now fixed, our flat-roofed patio is now properly roofed, and the hail storm saved us a small fortune to get our 55 square roof completely replaced for the price of the deductible.


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