Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY Toy Cubbies

I've had this lumber for a few months now, I picked it up on sale at Busy Beaver and have had plans on creating some toy cubbies for our living room.  I drew out a rough sketch of what I wanted to do with it and it has sat in the garage ever since.

The other night I finally got it out and tried to start marking it up for my cuts.  I brought it all in to the dining room table, because; well that was the easiest place to mark it up and not leave my 2 year old helper behind. 

Hopefully, when put together this actually matches the idea in my head.  With no real place other than some Ikea Skubb baskets to house all our smaller miscellaneous toys, such as; wooden blocks, Lil' Wheelies, and Mr. Potato Head pieces we are in desperate need of a more permanent, functional storage solution.  

Anyways, if it works out I'll post some pics of the finished product and hopefully some plans if anyone else would be interested in something similar.


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