Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Delivery Day

With the majority of the demo done, the next big day came when we got our big delivery from Home Depot.  One hundred sheets of drywall, somewhere around 25 rolls of inulation (can't remember exactly), one french door, and all the lumber I hade figured we would need.  

I had taken off work for the day because rain was in the forecast and I didn't want anything sitting out in the rain longer than necessary.  The night before I had started to look over our receipt and soon realized that the delivery date the cashier had verbally confirmed and written on our receipt didn't match the actual delivery date printed on the receipt by the computer.  This sent us into a mild-panic, we were already crunched for time and I had already requested off work so not getting the materials the next day could have really thrown things off.  

The next morning, while I set off to continue work on the house until our delivery hopefully arrive, Amanda got on the phone with Home Depot to try and sort things out.  They confirmed our suspicion that we were in fact not set to receive a delivery that day, but after explaining the cashier had told us one day and scheduled us for another day they said the best they could do was try to find a driver available to do it.  About an hour later they called back to give us the good news that they had found a driver and he would call when he was on his way.  This was great news and we had successfully avoided our first real snag that could have thrown all of our plans off. 

Surprisingly, the driver called shortly after and our delivery was going to arrive around lunch time.  As sad as it may sound, my excitement for receiving a load of drywall and lumber was almost uncotrollable.  It was the key piece in trasforming our house from studs and see-through walls to a finished home and I couldn't wait to see the transformation take place. 



Of course it was raining and we had 100 sheets of drywall to get into the garage.  Luckily the eave on our house is 3 feet and the driver was able to get one stack all the way under that, but it still had to be moved into the garage.  That's where Amanda came in handy, she was hesitant but ended up being more than capable to help me pick it up and move it back into the garage 2 sheets at a time.  Together we were able to knock it out in about 10 minutes. 

As you can see the insulation came on a pallet, and while a roll of insulation isn't very heavy 25 rolls and a pallet is and I had no clue how to move it without unwrapping it and exposing the insulation to the rain.  That's when our French door arrived on a sepearate box truck, a box truck that happened to have a pallet lift that the driver kindly offered to move our insulation into the garage with... Problem solved!!! 

The finished product with everything safe and dry in the garage.

  And finally we get to reward ourselves from 10 minutes of hardwork with a yummy grilled cheese....


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