Monday, January 7, 2013


Hello and welcome to our blog. When we closed on our house in Semptember of 2011 and emarked on our "fixer-upper" journey it was our goal to document our homes' progress through a blog. It turns out completely gutting a house while working 50 hour weeks and tending to a toddler didn't leave much time to for the blogosphere world in the short month after closing before we moved in.

We now find ourselves in 2013 and while the huge project of replacing an entire house of wood-paneling with drywall is long gone, the house is still far from finished. With the addition of another baby this past year, time for making improvements is as scarce as ever but hopefully we find time to share our progress as well as any tips we might find along the way. The plan is to start with a few catch-up posts to retroactively document the major renovation we went through in the beginning, and then move on to the stuff we are working on now.


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